ISRAELI TACTICAL TRAINING: <br>Prevention, Response, Recovery

Prevention, Response, Recovery

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The Israeli Security Concept.  The course overviews key concepts and methodologies that influence security system design, procedures, and training of individuals and security personnel in both the public and private sectors. Concepts include offense as a defensive approach, use of predictive profiling and security questioning, localized response capabilities, threat orientation as opposed to risk orientation, and need for quick recovery following an incident.

Active Threats.  Analyzing prior active threat cases will help us to understand the perpetrator Mode of Operation and ways to prevent and respond.

Prevention Methods.  Learn how Israeli organizations developed prevention methods to counter active threats. These methods include the use of visual predictive profiling, questioning, "Detection and Analysis of People by Action," and the use of security rings as a security system.

Introduction to Krav Maga.  Learn about the history of krav maga and the development of this important defense tool. We will do basic training in class to experience the use of the system.

Dry Practice and Live Fire:  Israeli Fighting Method using a handgun. Practice fighting and shooting techniques and understand why Israel adopted these approaches and their effectiveness in stopping active threats. 

Open Enrollment Contact: Dr. George Gaines, Director ( or 404.918.7098)

Length of Course: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Prerequisites: Civilians must have a current State-issued Concealed Carry Permit or comparable documentation and be capable of engaging in physically rigorous exercise and have no medical restrictions.

Who Should Attend: This course is open to civilians, active duty military, and sworn and retired law enforcement.

Course Goals:

  • To promote the mentality to engage from a tactically disadvantaged position
  • To enhance the technical and tactical skills to survive the attack and eliminate threats with precision and speed

Course Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives in accordance with the information presented during the instructional period:

  1. Identify critical threat indicators prior to an active incident, when possible, to prevent it from occurring.
  2. Demonstrate weapons proficiency and some Krav Maga skills.
  3. Operate under high levels of stress with fortitude and aggressiveness appropriate to the given situation and within the confines of the law.
  4. Respond as a single operative and demonstrate the tactics necessary to successfully neutralize the threat.

 Methodologies: This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations, practical and surprise exercises

Course Requirements: 100% Attendance. Successfully complete all practical exercises, including 70% of speed/accuracy shooting test

Students must bring with them:

  • State-issued concealed carry license/permit or comparable documentation showing current criminal background check
  • Appropriate training attire
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Pistol + 3 Magazines (9 mm preferred)
  • Holster suitable for a rapid draw
  • Magazine pouch for two magazines
  • 250 pistol rounds

Certification: IMI Florida Academy Certification of Completion

Registration: Students must register at IMI Florida Academy web site

For more information regarding specific course itinerary for this location and other important details, Click below for detailed course description:

  • Phoenix, AZ: Detailed Description (Register by 3/18/2020)