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Israeli Single Operator Method

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The guiding principle of Dignitary Protection is to secure the Assets without hindering the latter’s day to day routine and activities. The focus is to enable the Trainee to find the “Golden Path,”- meeting the protection and security requirements while allowing the Asset to perform his duties.

The course allows trainees to have the fundamental knowledge, methods, and skills – as a single operator - needed for both prevent and neutralize a wide variety of threats to the safety and well being of the Asset which they protect.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. George Gaines ( or 404.918.7098)

Length of Course:
3 Days (24 Hours)

Applicants must be in good physical condition with no medical restrictions.  They must be capable of standing for moderate periods of time and executing moderate movements. These include kneeling, prone, maneuvering around obstacles, running and abrupt stopping, as well performing tactical drills.

Who Should Attend:
The course is open to both active duty and retired:  law enforcement, military, security personnel, and first-responders who need to upgrade their skills in executing security tasks, threat assessment, and threat response.  If you have questions regarding your eligibility, contact the course organizer.

Course Goals:

  1. To provide trainees with the theoretical and practical know how of guiding principles governing close protection deployment
  2. To enhance the single operator’s technical and tactical skills necessary for the prevention and effective engagement of a variety of security threats

    Course Objectives:
    At the end of this course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives in accordance with the information presented during the instructional period:

    1. Understand variety of positions and formations given the threat environment and in relation to the Detail Leader
    2. Identify critical suspicious indicators when possible to thwart aggressive incidents.
    3. Practice the tactical dilemma between evacuation and engagement
    4. Demonstrate weapons proficiency and Krav Maga skills.
    5. Operate under high levels of stress with fortitude and aggressiveness appropriate to the given situation and within the confines of the law.
    6. Respond as a single operative and demonstrate the tactics necessary to successfully neutralize the threat.

      This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practical exercises

      Course Requirements:
      100% Attendance. Successfully complete all practical exercises and a written exam 80%. 

      Students must bring:

      • Appropriate training attire
      • Jacket to conceal weapon
      • Eye & ear protection
      • Pistol + 3 magazines
      • Holster suitable for a rapid draw and a magazine pouch for 2 magazines
      • 350 pistol rounds

        IMI Florida Academy Certification of Completion 

        Students must dual register:

        1. Register with NCJA for FREE housing on our North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal and
        2. IMI Florida Academy web site